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Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine Spare Parts

When looking for parts for your Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine you must use the PRODUCT CODE (not the model number).

The Product Code can be found on a sticker on the back of the machine or on the back of the Control Panel.


Please select your Product Code from the list below.

If your Product Code is not in our list or you are unable to find your Product Code, please call us on 02 6126 1788 or email us at [email protected] and our friendly team can help with your enquiry

Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Spare Parts.

The Laundry is where Fisher & Paykel made its name in the appliance scene in Australia. Fisher & Paykel were the true pioneers of the intelligent Washing Machine. With a range of tough, no-nonsense laundry appliances that have a reputation for lasting many years. Fisher & Paykel soon became a name synonymous with good quality reliable Washing Machines and Clothes Dryers. Online Appliance Spares are here to help when your hard-working Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine or Clothes Dryer has an issue and requires some Genuine Spare Parts to get it back to work. You can rely on Online Appliance Spares to quickly supply all of your Fisher & Paykel Appliance Spare Parts.

Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Parts.

The Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine is where Fisher & Paykel really made there name in Australia. The very first Fisher & Paykel Washer, the Gentle Annie, was the first true Electronic Washing machine in Australia. The Gentle Annie boasted many firsts, one of them being a true 1000 rpm spin speed. The first Fisher & Paykel electronic washing machine help label Fisher & Paykel as the innovators. The next series of Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines introduced "Smart Drive" an innovation in top load washing machines that is still in use today. The smart drive washing machine was the first washing machine to do away with the drive belt and gearbox using a direct drive motor. Online Appliance Spares has the full range of Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Parts to suit all models of Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines

Large Range of Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Spare Parts.

Online Appliance Spares stock the largest range of Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Parts all ready for fast, same-day delivery.

Genuine Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Spare Parts.

At Online Appliance Spares we only stock Genuine Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Spare Parts. We will not substitute genuine Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Parts for cheaper non-genuine replacements.

Online Appliance Spares has both Fisher Paykel Front Load Washing Machine Parts and Fisher & Paykel Top Load Washing Machine Parts available for purchase securely online.

Some of the Fisher & Paykel parts we supply

Some of the more common parts we sell for Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines include Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine Agitator, Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine Fill Hose,  Fisher & Paykel Agitator, Fisher & Paykel suspension, Fisher & Paykel suspension rods, Fisher & Paykel washing machine lid, Fisher & Paykel pump, Fisher & Paykel water pump, Fisher & Paykel inlet valves, Fisher & Paykel water valve, Fisher & Paykel hose, Fisher & Paykel inlet hose, Fisher & Paykel drain hose and Fisher & Paykel control board. Fisher & Paykel parts that we do not have in stock can be ordered from the manufacturer.

Fisher and Paykel Agitator

The Fisher & Paykel agitator is a very common part, this is not because it is faulty or designed badly, It is commpon because the same Fisher and Paykel Agitator fits 90% of all Fisher and Paykel washing machines ever made. If you require a Genuine Fisher & Paykel Agitator you can get one at Online Appliance Spares


If your Product Code is not in our list or you are unable to find your model number, please call us on 02 6126 1788 or email us at [email protected] and our friendly team can help with your enquiry.


Safety First Always.

At Online Appliance Spares we want to make sure your Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine is serviced safely, please ensure all electrical items are installed by a suitably qualified person to ensure your safety and the safety of others.