Universal Cooker Knobs spare parts


These Universal Knob Kits will fit ALL BRANDS OF OVENS AND COOK TOPS. They will fit both GAS AND ELECTRIC Cook Tops and Ovens All you need is the Diameter of the old Knobs. These kits are designed to fit all configurations.


The kit comes with everything you need.

*Easy to fit (Detailed fitting instructions included)

*Made from high quality temperature and flame resistant resin,

*Kit Includes

- Detailed fitting instructions

- 4 Outer Knobs

- 20 Shaft Adapters (1/4", 6MM, 3/16" Standard and 1/4", 6MM Extended)

- 8 Indicators - 4 Gas Ignition Collars

- 92 Piece Poly Carbonate Decal Kit

- Temperature Conversion Scale


Select the colour you require and the diameter of the knob across the base. The only difference between the knob kits is the