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Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts

Please select your Model Number from the list below.

The Model number of your Dishwasher can usually be found in around the door opening, usually on a sticker on the side or top of the door itself.

If you have trouble finding your Model Number or it is not on our list please call us on 02 6126 1788 or email us at [email protected]

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Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts.

Although not as popular as some of the other Westinghouse Appliances, Westinghouse Dishwashers are a strong, reliable and dependable addition to any kitchen across Australia. Online Appliance Spares can help keep your Westinghouse Dishwasher in top shape by supplying the correct Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts should your dishwasher have an issue or just need a freshen up.

Online Appliance Spares stocks one of the largest range of Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts on the web, all ready for fast, same-day delivery from our fully secure online store.

At Online Appliance Spares we only stock Genuine Westinghouse Spare Parts. We will not substitute Genuine Westinghouse Dishwasher Spare Parts for cheaper non-genuine replacements.

Some of the more common parts we sell for Westinghouse Dishwashers include Westinghouse Dishwasher cutlery baskets, Westinghouse Dishwasher Rollers, Westinghouse Dishwasher basket rollers, Westinghouse Dishwasher filters, Westinghouse Dishwasher Hose, Westinghouse Dishwasher inter valves, Westinghouse Dishwasher inlet hoses, Westinghouse Dishwasher Lartch and Westinghouse Dishwasher pump motors.

Select your Model Number above to ensure you get the correct Westinghouse Dishwasher Spare Parts for your Westinghouse Dishwasher.

Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts.

Westinghouse Dishwasher spare parts are available online at Online Appliance Spares. Online Appliance Spares has a fully secure online store. Online Appliance Spares has one of the largest ranges of Westinghouse Dishwasher spare parts available on the web in Australia.

A sample of the Westinhouse diswasher parts available are, Westinghouse dishwasher rollers, basket rollers and door seal. Westinghosue Dishwasher spray arm, cutlery basket and lower door seal. Westinghouse Dishwasher motor, pump, water pump, heater, control board, timer, display board, door handle, door catch, control panel and door panel.



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Selecting your model number from the list above will allow you to choose the correct spare part for your Westinghouse Dishwasher. If your model number does not appear in our Model Number list, you can call us on 02 6126 1788, email us at [email protected] or visit our Contact Page so our friendly, knowledgeable staff can assist you.

If you are having trouble finding the model number on your machine visit our Model Number Page for help on where you can locate it.

At Online Appliance Spares we try to keep our freight to a minimum, all of our Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts are individually weighed and measured to ensure you are not paying to much for the delivery. To learn more about our freight policy visit our Shipping & Returns Page.

Safety First, Always.

At Online Appliance Spares we want to make sure your Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts are fitted safely, please ensure all electrical items are installed by a suitably qualified person to ensure your safety and the safety of others.