Find Your Model Number


The model number is usually on the front, not the back.

First place to look is on the side wall of the fridge on the inside; sometimes you may have to remove the crispers to find it. It can also be on or behind the kick plate on the bottom. If it is in neither of these places check around the door opening.


Start looking around or under the door seals in both the oven and grill compartment.

If your cooker is a freestanding range it may be under the removable kick panel on the bottom.


These are almost always on the bottom side of the cooktop.

The easiest way is to open the cupboards below the cooktop and see if you can read the model number from inside the cupboard. If not you may be required to lift the cooktop out of the bench. Most Cooktops are not secured into the bench top, you may be able to lift it straight out. Don’t use too much force as some are secured and you may cause damage if too much force is used.

Washing Machines and Dryers

These are usually found on the back of the appliance, near the top. Some are on the top edge of the control panel.

Some Front Load Washers and Dryers have the model number inside the door opening


Most dishwasher have the model number on the inside edge of the door opening, usually on the door itself. These can sometimes wear off so we may have to contact you to send us a picture of the appliance or the part you require.

Fisher & Paykel Dish drawers have the model number on the panel between the two drawers.