Please ensure you include the version number when selecting your model number. The version number follows the *(asterisk) at the end of the model number (For Example: DX302WB*02) *02 would be the same as *2. When selecting fridge model numbers do not include the -L or -R as this only indicates left or right hand opening. If your version does not appear please select the version before yours.

With later model machines use the PNC (Product Number) where possible, the PNC is a number that can be found on the same sticker/plate as the model number and should be used in conjunction with the model number to ensure you are selecting the correct machine, (For example: Model - SWT554. Product code or PNC 913041058 00 will appear on our site as SWT554 (PNC 913041058 00)).

If your model does not appear or you are unsure please email us for parts supply